Want A Step-by-Step Roadmap To Create


We'll Build It Together During These 5 Days



There is no way you were born to just pay bills, tithe and die…

If God’s people are “blessed to be a blessing,” that means we must first be…wait for it…blessed!

What if prosperity was for generosity, not greed?

What if you had more resources to give to the people and causes you are most passionate about?

Listen: The more money you make, the more impact you can have.

If this resonates with you, then you’re going to LOVE the God’s Power to Create Wealth

Challenge that’s helping people build wealth with God…for the right reasons!


“Will this work for me?”

Because this Challenge is based on timeless biblical truths and proven formulas that lead to
financial success, you can achieve financial freedom and radical generosity regardless of:

  • Your age
  • Your income
  • Your financial history
  • Your geography

My goal in this FREE Challenge is to make revelation and transformation in your life better than
any course you’ve ever paid for.
How will I do this? Keep reading…


This is NOT going to be a…

  •  “Name-it-and-claim-it” Prosperity Gospel
  • “Tithe your way to wealth”
  • Budget and live in scarcity and save for 40 years
  • “Sow a seed to spend your greed” foolishness


Instead, This 5-Day Challenge
Is Going To Help You in 4 CRITICAL Ways…


You will learn to:

1. Partner with God

You can’t build a skyscraper on an outhouse foundation. The depth and width of the foundation
determines the height of the building. You can’t go any higher in Kingdom finances than you’ve
gone deep and wide in your trust in God.


2. Steward What’s in Your Hand

God puts His supernatural on stewardship just as much as He does on generosity. God will
not give you what you are asking for or believing for financially; He answers only according
to what you can manage. You will first need to learn to be faithful over what you have been
given to manage now.


3. Invest for Cashflow

What’s better than free? Passive income from your investments that are greater you’re your
living expenses…that way you don’t have to ask money for permission to obey God or do what’s
in your heart.


4. Design Your Personalized Wealth Roadmap

Your plan will be a customized blueprint to fit your life situation based on your gifts, talents,
calling, and resources. This is not some cookie-cutter plan…it's designed to uniquely fit you.



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Hi, I’m Jim!


My wife and I started leading a church in Powell, Ohio in 2008. We saw amazing breakthroughs in healings—blind eyes open, deaf ears healed, people getting out of wheelchairs, metal dissolving out of bodies, even several dead raisings. Miracles aren’t just for Africa!

In 2011, the Lord told me to go after finances the way that we went after healing. To me, that was an all-out ballistic assault.

I ended up doing an 18-part series on finances and our church got amazing financial breakthrough. About 25% of our people got completely out of debt in 12 months, many including their homes. 

The Lord handed me an assignment to create a movement of Kingdom wealth-builders who understand that prosperity has a purpose. Prosperity isn’t about toys and trinkets; it’s about influence and impact.

Here’s How The FREE
5-Day Challenge Works:


Step #1: Join the Challenge!

Register for the free challenge by providing your name and email.

We don’t ask for your credit card or payment information…just your email address so we can connect you to the Challenge!

Once you join the Challenge, you will see a Welcome Page that connects you to all of the training and information (you will also receive a Welcome Email with the same info).

Join the Free 5-Day Challenge Now!

Step #2: Attend the Sessions Live (or Watch the Replays)

In each of the 5 Live Challenge sessions with Jim Baker, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and win prizes!
In addition, there will be a “Fast Action Step” you can take each day to accelerate your transformation and breakthrough.
At the end of each day, you’ll post your results inside the private Facebook group.

Step #3: Design Your Personalized Wealth Roadmap…

By the end of the Challenge, if you do the work, you’ll walk away with a complete plan to
create the provision for your vision.

Here’s What Other Leaders are Saying…

“There was so much substance and a true impartation of faith.”

When I heard Jim Baker teach an introductory session on the biblical principles of Kingdom Finances, my spirit rejoiced. There was so much substance and a true impartation of faith.


Dr. Patricia King

Prophetic Minister, Entrepreneur & Spiritual Mentor

“When Jim Baker speaks, I listen…You cannot help but profit from hearing what he has to say. I always do.”

When Jim Baker speaks, I listen. I do this for two reasons. First, because he is one of the few believers I know who functions both with a marketplace anointing and a Pastoral mantle. He understands both worlds. Second, Jim is a bonafide worker of miracles, and that is a rarity in itself. You cannot help but profit from hearing what he has to say. I always do. 

Lance Wallnau

Strategist, Futurist & Best-Selling Author

“You will be blessed and challenged to take a new bold stand in living and giving for the glory of God.”

Pastor Jim Baker sheds much needed revelatory light on the critical questions that have long concerned many over finances and what the Bible teaches…you will be blessed and challenged to take a new bold stand in living and giving for the glory of God.

Bobby Conner

Seasoned Prophet and Founder of Eagles View Ministries

Here’s What My Students Are Saying…(And Now It’s Your Turn!)

Stacie Pudliner

I have shared with so many the impact Wealth with God has had on my personal finances, kingdom work and how it is making an impact on the next generation. Thus far I have paid off my car and 2 credit cards personally. In ministry I am teaching special needs students how to market a single product and in their lives how to be so good others can't ignore. They are effervescent with purpose and delight in their power together. Thanks Jim! I highly recommend this course to anyone !!!

Camille Boyd

Jim's course has enabled me to have vision for building wealth. As a single mom, I have seen God's faithfulness to show up in the midst of lack. Jim's course helped me to dream about what it could look like to see God's faithfulness to show up abundance that overflows to others. The Lord has opened up doors that have allowed me to begin taking practical steps towards those dreams. Jim identified and brought truth & freedom into areas that had been holding me back. He blends wisdom, knowledge, experience, revelation from the Lord, and practical tools to create a course that will encourage you, equip you, and lead you nearer to the Lord and His good plans for you.

Landry Lockett

Jim Baker and Wealth with God have given me a totally new and upgraded knowledge base on money and God's perspective of money, wealth, and the issues surrounding those important topics. Many of my preconceived notions, habits, and default ways of thinking about money and God's role and attitude toward money; have been challenged in loving and life-giving ways. I now have a different way of thinking about money and wealth, and I have gained practical financial truths to compliment those new thought processes. I highly recommend Jim Baker and his teachings/trainings on wealth with God.

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The God’s Power to Create Wealth Challenge is happening LIVE
on Facebook inside our private Facebook group at
Noon – 1:30pm ET (9am PT, 4pm GMT) on the dates below. 

(Replays available for those who can't make it)

And If That Wasn’t Enough, There Are Prizes To Be Won for Participating in the Challenge!

Listen, the 5 Days will pass anyway, so why not create your PERSONALIZED “PROVISION FOR YOUR VISION” ROADMAP

Every day spent without an actual wealth plan is another opportunity lost and another delay to
funding your life mission.

Join the Free 5-Day Challenge Now!

How Does This Work?


This is a free 5-day challenge, but registration is required. 
Once you register, you’ll get a link to access the “God’s Power to
Create Wealth” Challenge private Facebook group. Everything takes
place inside this group. 
Each day during the challenge, I will be teaching live at Noon (Eastern
Time) inside the Facebook group, where you can ask questions,
interact with others, post your challenges and breakthroughs, and
grow with a community of like-minded believers. 
If you can’t make the live sessions, you can watch them (and re-watch
them) on replay. 


How Do I Know This Is For Me?

If you want create the provision for your vision, if you want more
money for more impact, if you want to learn to build with God—for the
right reasons—then this free 5-day challenge was created for
Kingdom-minded believers just like you!


What Will I Gain From This?

Everyone is busy and flooded with information. That is why I created
this challenge to be simple and direct. My goal is to reduce the
Kingdom wealth-building process into actionable, bite-sized chunks so
that you know exactly what to do and how to do it. I’m reducing this
big task into a step-by-step process so that you can take consistent


Why Is This Free?

I want to add massive value to Kingdom-minded believers who want to
build wealth with God so they can shape the course of world
history…without building a golden calf. Also, I believe the Kingdom is
“taste and see.” You can get a “taste” of what Wealth with God is like
to see if you want to continue further.

Join the Free 5-Day Challenge Now!