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Wealth with God Masterclass - 

Membership Course, Coaching & Community For Kingdom-Wealth-Builders

We help Kingdom-minded believers build Wealth with God

for the right reasons

regardless of income, experience or age

It’s time to stop living paycheck to paycheck…


You love God with all of your heart and you’re giving and believing for breakthrough, yet you still struggle financially. You’re tired of working hard with nothing to show for it. It’s hard to dream past this Friday’s paycheck. Debt feels normal…it’s a way of life. It feels like a permanent condition.


You thought you’d be farther along at this point in your life. You long to provide better experiences for your family. Maybe your spouse wants to stay home with the kids but has to work. You secretly hope to leave something to help your children. Maybe you even feel selfish or greedy for desiring this. 


But deep down you want to be a Kingdom Wealth-Builder…


You want to have the provision for your vision. You want to fund your personal mission and make your greatest impact. You want to create memories with your family that they will never forget. You want the freedom that comes from never asking money for permission to obey God or do what’s in your heart.  And with God, this is totally possible!


Imagine what it would be like if…


  • You had the provision for your vision so you could fund your life mission and make your greatest impact.
  • You never worried about finances again because you could easily trust the Lord to provide for your family’s needs.
  • Scarcity and deprivation were not a part of your life because you moved from a budget to abundance.
  • You had clear action steps to take towards your wealth-building daily so that wealth was a matter of “when” not “if.” 

Listen, if you’ve read this far, you’re the kind of person who wants more money for more impact. I created the Wealth with God Masterclass membership for Kingdom Wealth-Builders just like you.

Here is what others are saying...

"I have shared with so many the impact Wealth with God has had on my personal finances, kingdom work and how it is making an impact on the next generation. Thus far I have paid off my car and 2 credit cards personally. In ministry I am teaching special needs students how to market a single product and in their lives how to be so good others can't ignore. They are effervescent with purpose and delight in their power together. Thanks Jim! I highly recommend this course to anyone !!!"

Stacie Pudliner
State College, PA

"Jim's course has enabled me to have vision for building wealth. As a single mom, I have seen God's faithfulness to show up in the midst of lack. Jim's course helped me to dream about what it could look like to see God's faithfulness to show up abundance that overflows to others. The Lord has opened up doors that have allowed me to begin taking practical steps towards those dreams. Jim identified and brought truth & freedom into areas that had been holding me back. He blends wisdom, knowledge, experience, revelation from the Lord, and practical tools to create a course that will encourage you, equip you, and lead you nearer to the Lord and His good plans for you."

Camille Boyd
Cheshire, CT

"This is the most current relevant revelation on God and money. From the practical "save $1K in a week" teaching. Which in 2 hours we reduced our spend by $976 annually. To the revelation you could only reduce your bill by so much. It is much wiser to increase income because there is no limit in that direction. I have taken every Christian based course since Crown Financial in the 80's and gleaned something from them all. But this is course is the difference maker for me and mine. Changing my relationship and my mind about God and money"

Joe Gonzales

Hi, I'm Jim!

In 2008 my wife and I started leading a church in Powell, Ohio. We saw amazing breakthroughs in healings—blind eyes, deaf ears, people getting out of wheelchairs, metal dissolving out of bodies, even several dead raisings. Miracles aren’t just for Africa!

In 2011, the Lord told me to go after finances the way that we went after healing. To me, that was an all-out ballistic assault.

I ended up doing an 18-part series on finances and our church got amazing financial breakthrough. About 25% of our people got completely out of debt in 12 months, many including their homes. 

The Lord handed me an assignment to create a movement of Kingdom wealth-builders who understand that prosperity has a purpose. Prosperity isn’t about toys and trinkets, it’s about influence and impact.

Is this that “Prosperity Gospel”?


Biblically, there is no such thing as a “Prosperity Gospel.” But the Gospel of the Kingdom includes prosperity. 


Here’s my definition of prosperity: you have more than enough finances to fulfill every divine assignment God has for you, and enough left over to help others fulfill theirs.


Prosperity doesn’t mean that every Christian is going to be a Zillionaire. 


It means that you will have the finances proportionate to your assignment and ability to steward what you have. 


It’s about funding your personal mission so you can make the greatest impact.


No name it and claim it. No sow a Toyota to reap a Ferrari.


No blowing the shofar over your checkbook.


This isn’t about “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” It isn’t cleverly disguised greed. 


It’s about Provision for your vision.


Affluence is for influence. Income is for impact. Prosperity has a purpose.


Isn’t Prosperity Selfish?


Biblical prosperity is not selfish because it is not all about you. It’s defined by how much we give away; not how much we keep for ourselves. 


Prosperity is about blessing, not possessing. 


Prosperity is not about toys and trinkets…it’s about influence and impact. 


We are “blessed to be a blessing”—which means you must first be blessed!


Finally, there’s a clear path.

Using the Wealth with God Method, you’ll learn how to Partner with God (Level 1), Earn More Than You Spend (Level 2), and Invest to Multiply (Level 3).

"Jim's course has enabled me to have vision for building wealth. As a single mom, I have seen God's faithfulness to show up in the midst of lack. Jim's course helped me to dream about what it could look like to see God's faithfulness to show up abundance that overflows to others. The Lord has opened up doors that have allowed me to begin taking practical steps towards those dreams. Jim identified and brought truth & freedom into areas that had been holding me back. He blends wisdom, knowledge, experience, revelation from the Lord, and practical tools to create a course that will encourage you, equip you, and lead you nearer to the Lord and His good plans for you."

Nancy Hunter
Columbus, OH

"Jim Baker and Wealth with God have given me a totally new and upgraded knowledge base on money and God's perspective of money, wealth, and the issues surrounding those important topics. Many of my preconceived notions, habits, and default ways of thinking about money and God's role and attitude toward money; have been challenged in loving and life-giving ways. I now have a different way of thinking about money and wealth, and I have gained practical financial truths to compliment those new thought processes. I highly recommend Jim Baker and his teachings/trainings on wealth with God."

Landry Lockett
Amarillo, TX

That’s $3.30 per day…less than the price of a manicure for two fingers…

…one half of a Starbucks specialty drink…

…less than a pair of clearance slippers from Target that won’t stay on your feet…

…less gluten-free macaroni & cheese that tastes like compost (okay, I’ll stop). 


This is how ridiculously easy it is to fit into your budget. It’s doable.

"This course Wealth with God helped me get unstuck in so many ways here are some specifics.... #1. Slaughtered the sacred cow of why prosperity is good and poverty is bad. #2. This course unseats an old ungodly premise of ownership and then resets it to position us for abundance...... in more ways than one. #3. I love how Jim Baker intertwines spiritual concepts with practical steps. He wraps up this package with a bow of humor and self-deprecation that makes this gift such a fun time. You will not regret getting this course."

Lorna Ray
McDonough, GA

"The truth is that this masterclass from the introduction has challenged some old mindsets and traditions that have taken the place of truths. Wealth is a tool and if we do not understand how and what the tool is used for, we can injure ourselves as well as others. Jim's humor and wisdom makes you stop, think, and search deep within yourself "Is God ruler of all? Do I really trust Him in everything?" I highly recommend this Masterclass. It has and continues to challenge my wife and I in how we view marriage and money and even what we believe our family legacy should look like."

Roger & Cherie Moss
Murrieta, CA

"I am still stunned and growing from what I have learned from Wealth with God. It has been a 180-degree change in direction and attitude regarding my finances. The first time I heard Jim speak, the Lord reminded me of my broken washing machine. When I got home, I laid hands on it...the Lord reminded me that "Jesus is my Husband" (meaning: he cares about my life and the "little" details." ) AND then I felt led to shake it. IT STARTED! It had been broken all summer! Secondly, I have found an extra $1000 a year, in a short exercise from one of the bonuses he emailed us. I am not a natural money person, more from the opposite place...where I have been used to living in deprivation BUT GOD is renewing my mind with the Word of God. The Bible tells us that riches and honor come from God! And with a pure heart, a Kingdom heart, money does good!! Not having money is a burden...a stress...it impacts all of us negatively! Since I've been receiving this...I've been seeing more and more financial breakthroughs. But the biggest issue has been unbelief in ME not in God's love and willingness to give. Yay. this is truly GOOD NEWS! I believe I will be out of debt SOON and will post that testimony. I am also walking through Proverbs...being a faithful steward but also learning how to walk in Kingdom finances. This is POWERFUL AND TRUE! God has been speaking to me over and over and over...and now I just say "yes"...I'm willing to be loosed and to see God's Kingdom in my finances and soon to be business. It is really good news!!! Thank you Pastor Jim and Thank you Jesus!!"

April Selenskikh
Woodbridge, VA

Answers to Common Questions


When does the Level 1 90-day experience start?

You get immediate access to the first lesson. Your first live coaching is on Monday, May 25, 2020. The course will be completed on Sunday, August 16, 2020.


What time will the live coaching and mentoring take place?

Live coaching will be on Mondays at Noon ET. Live mentoring with Jim Baker will be Thursdays at Noon ET. 


Do I have to pay for my spouse separately?

No. Since you and your spouse are one, you only need one membership. Each membership is for you, your spouse and anyone living in your house (kids at home).


How much time will I need to devote to the course? 

You will need to set aside about three hours per week. That may sound like a lot, but we are going to do a little bit each day to make it super doable. 


You need about 1 hour to complete the lesson and action guide, 1 hour for the live coaching call and 1 hour for the live mentoring call. I suggest you try to make the calls live, but if life gets in the way, replays are available. 


Do I get access to all of the lessons at once, or are they dripped out over time?

97% of everyone who buys an online course will fail to complete it…let alone get the results they’re hoping for. That means less than 3% of people will get transformation. One of the primary reasons is information overwhelm. People just absorb the information but never experience the truths so that it becomes transformation.


However, we have found a way to increase our completion rate by almost 30 times the average! 


Every Thursday you will receive a new lesson + Action Guide, then receive live coaching on that lesson, then receive live mentoring on that lesson. So, the 12 lessons will come roughly once a week for the 90 days.


How long can I access the course materials?

You have lifetime access to the course materials. 


Is Level 2 & 3 included in my purchase?

No, only Level 1 is included in this purchase. However, you can purchase all 3 Levels today at a significant discount if you’ll read a little further down. 


If you choose the option to purchase all 3 levels today, you will have immediate access to the first lesson in Level 1. After the 90 days of Level 1, you will have access to Level 2, which also lasts 90 days. Once you have completed Level 2, you can access all of Level 3 without having to wait.


What’s do I get in Levels 1+2+3?


I want to put $1330 in your pocket in 7 days


I want to tell you about something I created that isn’t available anywhere else in the world.

I’m going to share a little bit about what it is and how it works and how it can put $1330 dollars in your pocket, but first I want to explain the Wealth with God Masterclass Levels 2 & 3…


Wealth with God Masterclass Level 2: Earn More Than You Spend 


Run your personal finances like a Kingdom business and increase your cash flow by 10% without deprivation or scarcity…in 90 days. 


If you desire to manage a greater portion of God’s resources as a steward, you will first need to learn to be faithful over what you have been given to manage now.


God blesses stewardship just as much as generosity. 


Treating your personal finances like a business means focusing on increasing income and cash flow, not just managing expenses. 


People who are in a good financial position always pay close attention to their personal finances. They know how much they earn, they keep track of how much they spend, and they know where their money goes. 


I want to give you a system, so you don’t have to spend more than 30 minutes per month on your finances. 


“Vision and strategy are both important. But there is a priority to them. Vision always comes first. Always. If you have a clear vision, you will eventually attract the right strategy. If you don’t have a clear vision, no strategy will save you.”—Michael Hyatt 


In this module, you will:


  • See and seize your Kingdom future so you are able to take action with passion.
  • Discover your own personal “driving force” that causes you to constantly find, develop, and co-labor with God to create the provision for your vision.
  • Understand why the real goal is not more money, but freedom. Freedom comes from having enough money coming in from investments to finance your purpose in life. 
  • Get clear on what financial freedom means to you. Once you have clarity around like these you can develop a financial plan reflecting your dreams, calling and the impact you want to make. 



Life isn’t simply about cutting back and living on “rice and beans.” That is a recipe for misery. You don’t have to live like a pauper and give up all the extras and small pleasures. There is a limit to how much you can trim your spending, and there’s a limit to how far trimming your spending can get you.  


In this module, you will:

  • Reduce your expenses without deprivation or scarcity
  • Eliminate debt with the fastest path and see what it looks like to have God involved in this process.
  • Identify and solve the root causes of debt, rather than just hacking at the byproducts (interest and bondage)
  • Never have to budget again by using the “un-budget budget” (this is worth the price of the course alone!!). This will help you optimize every buying decision. 
  • Learn to spend according to your values which makes it really freeing and easier to follow through (because you are being true to who you are an not working against yourself) 




In this module, you will: 

  • Organize and automate your finances. You can’t improve what you don’t track.  
  • Learn to think and behave like an investor, not a consumer. 
  • Recognize you are your greatest asset. As a result, you will have a customized plan to invest early and often in yourself…there is no downside.
  • Learn to use God’s power to create wealth. God never said He would just give you wealth, but you can use His power to create starting today. 


And You’re NEVER On Your Own With All of This…


($1300 value)


You’ll never have to worry about having a question and not knowing the answer. You’ll get Jim’s expert mentoring to help guide you through the process and answer questions in real-time each Thursday on a live group call. 


Because Jim is not currently taking individual coaching clients, this is your only opportunity to work with him directly to lay the foundation for Heaven to invade your finances.


Course students tell us these calls are as valuable, if not more valuable, than the lessons themselves because they provide a complete learning experience. 



($1300 value)


From the very first week, you’ll receive the support, encouragement and feedback from a certified transformation coach so you never have to struggle to figure it out by yourself.  


When you compare these calls with hourly coaching fees, you’ll see how they easily represent more value than the cost of the entire course. 


The accountability and encouragement our coaches provide are one of the reasons our course completion rate is almost 30x’s the average! 



Group Coaching Calls on Mondays 

60-minute group coaching calls with your certified transformational coach to make sure you don’t get stuck and keep moving forward.  


Mentoring Calls with Jim Baker on Thursdays

60-minute group mentoring calls with Jim Baker to deepen your learning and answer your questions. 


Coaching and mentoring calls are recorded so you can watch them later…or over and over.  


Thursday afternoon – New Trainings Released 

Once a week you will receive the new training for that week. 


90-Days of Access to the Wealth with God Private Facebook Group

($500 value)


You get to be a part of the #1 tribe of Kingdom Wealth-builders who want to use their finances to shape the course of world history…without building a golden calf. 


From the very first day, you’ll meet students just like you to give you mega-encouragement, discuss the material, share testimonies and struggles, and pray for each other.

With everything you’re getting today, you have everything you need to run your personal finances like a Kingdom business and increase your cashflow by 10% in the next 90 days. 


But this is just the beginning of what you get with Wealth with God Masterclass Level 2.





Bonus #1: How to own your home in 10 years or less…without making any extra payments 

($997 value)


Bonus #2: How to Automate Your finances

($97 value)


Bonus #3: Beginning Risk Management 

($97 value)


Bonus #4: How to Create a Savings Plan You Can Stick With

($97 value)


Bonus #5: Habits of the Wealthy Mini-Course 

($197 value)




Here's a recap of everything you get in Wealth With God Level 2


The Level 2 Masterclass: ($497 value)

You’ll receive lifetime access to 3 video learning modules that include audio and PDF transcript so you can learn in whatever mode is best for you. 

Module 4: Visioneering

Module 5: Dollars to Soldiers

Module 6: Increase Income


Each lesson includes an Action Guide so you can become a “doer” of the Word, not just a hearer.” From Day 1, you will be building the foundation for Wealth with God. 


Thirteen 60-minute Live Group Mentoring Calls with Jim Baker 

($1300 value)


Six 60-minute Live Group Coaching Calls with our Certified Transformation Coach

($1300 value)


Access to the Wealth with God Level 2 Private Facebook Community 

($500 value)


And by Investing Today You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses:


Bonus #1: How to own your home in 10 years or less…without making any extra payments 

($997 value)


Bonus #2: How to Automate Your finances

($97 value)


Bonus #3: Beginning Risk Management 

($97 value)


Bonus #4: How to Create a Savings Plan You Can Stick With

($97 value)


Bonus #5: Habits of the Wealthy Mini-Course 

($197 value)


Level 2 Total Package Value: $5082


Now, Let Me Tell You About Level 3..

The Wealth with God Masterclass Level 3: Invest to Multiply 

($997 value)


Shave 30 years off of your retirement plan and create the provision for your vision. 


“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die.”—Warren Buffet


Nobody built wealth through just earning and saving. It’s time to build your cashflow machines!


Module 7: Invest for Cashflow 

  • Create an Income for Life
  • Introduction to the 3 Wealth Paths
  • The Magic of Compound Interest 
  • Paper Assets Done Right
  • What Kind of Returns Can I Expect?
  • Will Paper Assets Work for Me?
  • Be Fruitful: Your Business Development Strategy to Lose Less
  • Then Multiply: Your Business Development Strategy to Make More
  • Prospering as a Kingdom Real Estate Investor 1
  • Prospering as a Kingdom Real Estate Investor 2
  • Recognizing Opportunities 


Module 8: Wealth Accelerators

  • The Leverage Equation Challenge 
    • The Top 9 Principles for Mastering Leverage in Record Time
    • The 6 Types of Leverage Part 1: Financial Leverage
    • The 6 Types of Leverage Part 2: Time Leverage
    • The 6 Types of Leverage Part 3: Technology & Systems Leverage
    • The 6 Types of Leverage Part 4: Communications & Marketing Leverage
    • The 6 Types of Leverage Part 5: Network & Relationship Leverage
    • The 6 Types of Leverage Part 6: Knowledge & Experience Leverage
    • Putting It All Into Practice to Achieve Financial Freedom 
  • The Due Diligence Diamond
  • Make More by Risking Less: Principles of Risk Management
  • Applying Risk Management
  • Tax Advantages


Module 9: One Page M.A.P. 


  • Putting your plan together 
  • Traditional formula 
  • Extreme frugality formula 
  • Entrepreneurial scale and sell formula
  • Lifestyle business formula
  • Rental Real Estate formula 
  • 90-Day Sprints 


Twenty-five 60-minute Live Group Mentoring Calls with Jim Baker ($2500 value)


6 Month Access to the Wealth with God Level 3 Private Facebook Community ($1000 value)


6 Month Access to Live Mastery Calls with Experts from Various Fields (which occur roughly once/month) ($1200 value)


And by Investing Today You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses:


Bonus #1: Find $1K in a week challenge (Available today if you purchase all 3 levels)

($1330 value)

I want you to listen about this 7-day challenge that I created. It’s called the “Find $1K in a Week Challenge” but actually I need to rename it “How to get $1330 in a Week Challenge” because that is the amount of money the average person finds when they use this.


If you’ve made it this far and you are still interested in all 3 Levels, it’s kind of a no-brainer. Because by my calculations I’m going to be paying you $333 to get all 3 levels of this course.


Now through Sunday it is $997—that’s a 72% savings. You will not be able to buy it this cheap again.


I’m trying to make this whole thing a no-brainer so that you can go all-in without reservation.


And if that is too big of a chunk for you, my Level 1 offer still stands. But most people will see the justification of “I’m going to make over $300 with this…”


In the first 7 days of the course, you are going to find more money than the course costs…then on Day 8, we are off to the races. You will feel justified with everything that you just purchased. 


Then you’ll finish Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.


This offer expires on Sunday, May 17 at Midnight PT and will be more expensive to buy separately.


Bonus #2: Retiring IN Your Business in 3-7 Years

($97 value)

Bonus #3: How to Find the Right Accountant 

($97 value)


Bonus #4: Examples of over a dozen real world wealth plans from actual students like you (so you don’t start with a blank slate)

($1200 value)


Bonus #5: Your Kingdom Business Is Your Ministry 

($47 value)


Level 3 Total Package Value: $8468


Levels 1 + 2 + 3 Total Package Value: $5844 + $5082  + $8468 = $19,394

What’s my investment to get Levels 1, 2, & 3 today?


The retail price on Levels 1-3 is $3600.


I’m going to offer these for 72% off at $997.


Or, you can do six payments of $197.



The registration period will be closing on Sunday, May 17, 2020 at Midnight PT.


It’s similar to a college class… 


Once the registration period is complete, everyone begins class together and I make myself available to support you. If it was open all the time, it would get confusing and complicated trying to support people who were going through different parts of the program.

So the deadline to register is this Sunday, May 17.


So, if you want it, now is the time to act.


Go ahead…click the button below now. 


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