How Heaven Invades Your Finances

Book 1: Build the Foundation for Supernatural Finances

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• Paperback Book
• 168 pages

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About This Product

Heaven's Invasion Changes Everything! What if the testimony of God’s goodness on your life brought nations to Christ? What if your faithfulness in stewarding money qualified you to shape the culture over cities? What if prosperity wasn’t selfish? Many are frustrated because they’ve tried the principles of sowing and reaping without first establishing “The Foundation for Supernatural Finances.” That’s like building a financial house with no foundation or frame structure. This book will: Give you a Kingdom lens to view your finances, prosperity and the purpose of money through. Equip your head, heart and hands with revelation, activations and testimonies. Enable you to build the financial foundation to partner with heaven and see it released here on earth! Heaven is looking to invade your finances. Will you give them a “Foundation” to land on?

"Pastor Jim Baker sheds much needed revelatory light on the critical questions that have long concerned many over finances and what the Bible teaches. His book is both inspirational as well as educational. This book will open your eyes and heart to see the wonderful aspects of Father's heart to provide for His children. I recommend this book to all; you will be bless and challenged to take a new bold stand in living and giving for the glory of God."

Bobby Conner
Eagles View Ministries

"When Jim Baker speaks, I listen. I do this for two reasons. First, because he is one of the few believers I know who functions both with a marketplace anointing and a Pastoral mantle. He understands both worlds. Second, Jim is a bonafide worker of miracles, and that is a rarity in itself. You cannot help but profit from hearing what he has to say. I always do."

Lance Wallnau
The Lance Learning Group