Wealth With God Families: Raising Kingdom Wealthbuilders


Raise your children to become Kingdom Wealthbuilders over

13 weeks with other like-minded families.


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Here's what you need to know about the Parent Guide and Kid's Workbook.


Parent Guide

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Kid's Workbook

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Here's some free resources you can use with your kids!

Coloring Pages

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Daily Declarations

Declarations are words we speak that come into agreement with heaven. We are God’s mouthpiece on this earth. When we speak out heaven’s words, angels are released to accomplish what we decree. (Speak these out daily until they manifest in your life.)

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Treasure Takeaway Cards
& Kingdom Tool Cards


How To Use These Cards

These cards can be cut out and laminated and placed in your treasure boxes or hole punched in the corner and placed on a ring. Have your children collect them, memorize them, and share them with you out loud in order to continue onto the next level of the journey of discovering the King’s treasures of the Kingdom.

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Leading Little Ones to God

 Children are never too young to hear the gospel. It is the most important message they will ever hear. In this downloadable printout I cover six important things to keep in mind when leading your kids to God. You can do this!  

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